Transforming drug discovery into measurement-driven drug design.

The pace of drug discovery is limited by the complexity of biology. Experimental data is king. Yet experimental systems that yield the most relevant data—bespoke assays and animal models—only support testing one drug candidate at a time.

Increasing the number of drugs tested in these representative systems would provide data for learning design principles of drugs with optimal and unique properties in the most challenging disease environments.

Manifold Bio’s mission is to build technology that exponentially increases measurement throughput at all stages of drug development.


We’re building a protein barcoding platform to bring the power of multiplexed measurement to development of protein therapeutics. These barcodes are engineered for stability, allowing measurement of drug candidates, in mixture, across in vitro and in vivo assays. By increasing the ability to simultaneously track numerous protein designs, we can generate an abundance of data and quickly learn the principles for designing effective and safe biologics in the most relevant systems.


To pursue our mission, we are leveraging our team’s unique expertise in library-guided protein engineering combining DNA synthesis, sequencing, and advanced bioinformatics and machine learning. And we are looking to bring on more folks that are excited about the potential for this entirely new way of engineering biology.

  • Gleb Kuznetsov

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Pierce Ogden

    Co-Founder & CSO

  • Shane Lofgren

    Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

  • George Church


  • Kate Nudel

    Associate Director, Head of Applied Biology

  • Hoong Chuin Lim

    Associated Director, Head of Barcoding Platform

  • Anisha Anand

    Research Associate

  • Karen Duffy


  • Alex Reis


  • Jeffrey Chang

    Biophysics / Statistical Modeling Consultant


  • Eliezer Van Allen

    Scientific Advisor, Oncology Applications

  • Ryan P. Adams

    Scientific Advisor, Machine Learning


We’re looking for talented scientists and engineers to join us in building great technology. We use next-generation DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis, molecular cloning, and computation in entirely new ways. Excited about the vision, but don’t see the exact fit? We’d like to hear from you either way: