Research Associate

Protein Engineering Platform

Position Summary
We are seeking a highly-motivated research associate who thrives in a fast-paced and creative environment. Together with senior researchers, you’ll play a critical role building new protein engineering technologies that massively increase the throughput of testing protein therapeutic designs and disrupt the current paradigm of drug development. The ideal candidate has a broad range of molecular biology skills and is eager to learn more. In close collaboration with wet lab and computational teammates, you will help map the path to accomplishing project goals and then execute and optimize as needed to get there.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Clone DNA libraries of synthetic proteins at megascale efficiency
  • Execute and optimize NGS library preparation workflows
  • Implement protein assays
  • Define, document, and improve protocols
  • Collect, organize, and analyze data to help make key decisions
  • Assist in lab organization, including ordering supplies and restocking
Required Qualifications
  • BA, MA or equivalent experience in biology, biological engineering or a related field
  • 2+ years hands-on molecular biology wet lab experience, including PCR and cloning (design, bacterial transformation, culture, plating, and plasmid purification)
  • Ability to document and maintain an organized account of lab work and results
  • Collaborative, curious, flexible, and strong communication skills
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with protein assays, e.g. production, purification, QC, Chromatography (Affinity, Size, Ionic etc) and detection (PAGE/ELISA/Blots), etc.
  • Experience with phage/yeast/mammalian display or similar
  • Experience in advanced cloning techniques (Type IIS, Gateway, Gibson, etc.)
  • Experience with next-generation DNA sequencing library preparation
We value different experiences and different ways of thinking and believe the most talented teams are built by bringing together people of diverse cultures, genders, and backgrounds.
To learn more, please send a resume to careers@manifold.bio
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